During my entire life, I was expecting that having a good job , a home, and a happy family will keep me at peace. But life was not easy for me and I was put in difficulty several times. That the more I understood the economics of the world the more I realized how futile my typical american dream was. The knowledge that I had acquired and my courage helped me take hard decisions that I would have never taken if I was still carefree. So many times, I got defeated by life events, but those made me stronger than ever.  Seeing our current world like it is doesn't make me happy at all, so I took a risky direction that some people will never take. Anyway, I am not afraid to lose because it's the only way to be stronger. To find peace, we have to fight for it.

My life experiences during studies and out of it taught me that nobody knows what is your purpose in your small life, you are the only one to know what you have to do. That's why the only advice I can give is : search the answer of every single question (any kind of question) that you are asking yourself and question all your actions and thoughts in order to become a better person, and get as much knowledge as you can, which will allow you to find out your passion. That's how i found out my passsion even if i doubt myself about it but I sit tight on it and i am not giving up.


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