Greetings ! My name is Deban Vithuran. I am a developper and an entrepreneur. I work for innovation and human kind as a developper and future leader of tomorrow's technology.

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Work Experience

Software Developer



Internship: Designing an application at Trigone
• Using Visual Studio Software
• Coding in C #
I was working with a person who has studied one more year than me in studies. Faced with my inexperience and my skills acquired in the first year in engineering school, this question myself about my educational path. That’s help me to choose either to stay or to leave the school for better training. So I choose to leave and to take better courses that is more suitable for me.

Research on electrical motors

Cégep du Vieux Montréal

04/2016 - 06/2016

Internship as a researcher on asynchronous motors at Cégep Montreal in Canada
• Study of standards based on various documentation, mostly in English
• Study of the efficiency and losses of the motors according to the frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
• Study of the energy efficiency of the different engine classes.
• Presentation to the 84th ACFAS congresses
I was working with the help of my tutor Dr. Mohamed Benhaddadi on my research and on my experimental test to confirm the results from theories. I realized that I was not passionate about this area. I chose this internship because it brought me an international experience, without knowing the precise content and I got involved, despite my lack of interest in correctly performing all the tasks asked.

Electronic and Computer Technician

Carestram Dental

04/2017 - 06/2017

Internship as Electronic and Computer Technician at Carestream Dental's (Trophy) 
• Migration from Windows XP PCs to Windows 7
• Design of a dynamic interface named "Life Sheet" in PHP / SQL
I quickly finished with my first task that I was assigned which was migration. As a result, my technical tutor gave me the opportunity to develop a "life sheet". Although I didn’t have knowledge on PHP / SQL, I quickly took over those languages and I was able to finish the application before the end of my internship. The whole team was very satisfied with my work because my application was developed and saved them their time.

Software Developer


07/2018 - 08/2018

Freelance as a Software Developer at ON-X
• Implementation of an LDAP
• PHP / SQL / AJAX Web development
• Project management
I worked alone on the project that was entrusted to me by my client Lionel Prabarkar. It was hard to finish all the tasks without any help from outside. However, I have finish the work on time. In addition, this was an excellent way to work independently.

Blockchain Developer

Aubay France

04/2019 - 09/2019

Intern for Gochain project at Aubay France (Boulogne Billancourt)
• Testing and Fixing the Deployment of the Private Blockchain with Ansible
• Agile introduction training
• Full-Stack code audit in Angular, Javascript and NodeJS
• Ethereum intelligent contract development in Solidity
• Getting started with web3.js, Truffle and Ganache
• Restructuring of Gochain project
I was working in the innovation cell with an intern in computer science engineering. We fixed all the problems of the project. However, when decisions had to be made during the project with my colleague, I was the only one to make crucial decisions for the team. We were rather free. I was the most qualified to manage this project because we do not have an expert in Blockchain within Aubay. Although our technical tutor suggested tasks to us but it was very difficult for us to understand what he wanted exactly at times because he was not an expert in the blockchain field. Since he was working on several technologies at the same time such as AI, Machine learning, Big Data, Reality Mix etc ..., it was understandable. Finally, it was an excellent internship in which I made good collaborations in team works.


High School

Johannes Gutenberg


09/2012 - 06/2013

After 3 years of depression and bewilderment in high school, I went first to Lycée Léon Blum for its prestige among the best in my region. I was fired from school because I had failed my A-Level. After this failure, I realized that I was alone even my parents did not have the power to help me. Therefore, I decided to take charge and I looked for another high school to pass my A-Level. So I was accepted at the Johannes Gutenberg High school reputed to be a bad high school according to rumors and statistics. This high school was recommended to me by my best friend. So I took this opportunity to contact them and I was taken afterwards. I finally succeeded in this high school of which all the claimed rumors were false. This proves that success statistics do not relate to the quality of education. All this to tell you, that we should not be blind of confidence to the media, establish our own opinion and experience by ourselves is the best way to evolve.

Engineering School


BAC +1

09/2013 - 06/2014

I went to Enginneer School following advice of my family circle. So I decided to enroll at ESIEE Paris, a private engineering school which dealt with a rather general course in contrast during the first year. After paying the tuition fees (consequent) and following courses. I was very disappointed with the quality of the teaching because I was fooled by the reputation of the school before I get enrolled. In fact, I was influenced by the media and their classification of engineering schools. So I find out that those classifications are not reliable information but unfortunately companies rely on these classifications to allocate salaries to graduate students who enter the professional world.... This is why I preferred to build my unique personalized journey to stand out from the others.

University Institute of Technology 

IUT GEII Créteil

BAC +1

BAC +2

09/2014 - 06/2016

I decided to leave the engineering school due to my student precariousness and dissatisfactioness from engineering school teaching. As a result, I joined my few friends from my high school to enroll in the University Institute of technology specialized in electronics and industrial computer science, from which I learned a lot in various fields applied in industry or in business. This allowed me to be polyvalent and it helped me for my pursuit of study that I wanted to undertake.I decided to leave the engineering school due to my precariousness studys and dissatisfactioness from engineering school teaching. As a result, I joined my few friends from my high school to enroll in the University Institute of technology specialized in electronics and industrial computer science, from which I learned a lot in various fields applied in industry or in business. This allowed me to be polyvalent and it helped me for my pursuit of study that I wanted to undertake.

Bachelor in Science for Engineering


BAC + 3

09/2016 - 06/2017

After obtaining my diploma in DUT GEII, I tried to enroll in engineering schools in electronics as an internship student. Unfortunately, I didn’t find an internship. I had no desire to join all these prestigious and financially healthy engineering schools which did very well with student’s internship who paid them indirectly through companies. For private engineering schools in the initial circuit without internship where the student has to pay the school, this was not possible because I wanted to give the chance to other less prestigious public school with few means to prove their ability to teach. I find out that it was very difficult to find an internship with the school that I wanted to integrate and the field that I wanted to work since my diploma and my results did not come from a prestigious school and weren’t excellent. This is unfair but I accept this fatality. So I decided to register for a bachelor's degree at a university where I found the teaching useful during this year concerning learning UNIX systems and Rasberry Pi functions. In addition, all the other subjects covered have already been treated during my previous year because the subjects treated are very similar.

Masters in 3EA specialized in TTT


BAC + 4

BAC + 5

09/2017- 09/2019

I wanted to finish my master's studies in electronics, electrical energy and automation in line with my career. However during these two years, I discovered Blockchain technology or I invested in cryptocurrency at the beginning of the bubble in 2017. I did not have an investment strategy and I was governed by emotions which resulted in the partial loss of my money. This allowed me to discover the world of finance and to dig deeper into economic problems of the world. Which allowed me to define a goal to achieve. Instead of thinking about getting rich, I completely changed my way of thinking. I learned a lot about Blockchain technology both theoretically and technically. So during my master, I chose to specialize in Telecommunications Technology and Technologies instead of specializing in Microtechnologies for communication systems and sensors (MTSC). Which at the start was my first choice before discovering Blockchain. So during my last year of graduation, I decided to do an internship in Blockchain. Although the teachers dissuaded me from getting involved and making sure that if I failed, I could only be the one at fault for this choice. However, I stood up and proved to them without any blockchain training or education that I could take this challenge.

Diploma of Student-Entrepreneurship


BAC + 5

09/2019 - Present

I had the option of joining the professional world as a developer in the company where I had completed my internship before registering for the “Pépites 3EF” program entitled: Student-Entrepreneur Diploma. Because I was very disappointed with the company due to the lack of development in the Blockchain field in the professional field apart from the internship. So after this Blockchain internship at Aubay, I decided to create my own company in the Blockchain field which took another turn after experimenting in the field and when I did a market study. My project's role is to help today's companies with digitalization and create applications that can be used by as many people as possible.


Computer Science








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Deban Vithuran

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Computer skills are progressing every day, so we have to be up to date with every language or tool, so it may change. I have only put basic languages and tools (so levels for each skill can be variable accross time) that will continue to exist even after years.



Sports is one of the most important habits in order to stay effective at work and healthy. So I maintain my body with running and weight lifting because those sports can be done anytime and alone.


We never finish learning even after school and we have to learn behond what we learn at school. We find out that it is not enough and they don't teach you things that you want to learn in the proper way, so I keep learning and opening my mind to the world.


My purpose is to help people. Helping one person or two in your way is not going to change the fact that each person needs help in a specific way and time is precious so we have to think big and innovation is the key to unlock this path.