Discovering the beauty of blockchain


Why is Blockchain beautiful ? Well, you have to understand the current economical situation. First, you have to understand that the money that you have in the bank is not what you own. You will say: why ? Because banks are private institutions who are not part of the governement but working together with the governement to hold the economic system. When the crisis comes, they will not not be held responsable that you can't take back your money. And you have to know that the money that you have in the bank can decrease in value because it is subjected to wall street market.

Now Blockchain, what is it ? To keep it simple, it is a new technology that's available to people, in order to exchange smart cash by internet with maximum security and without any intermediary, such as a bank. So you are the only owner of your money, nobody can touch your money if you are not giving your key (private) to anyone. And with Blockchain, you can build many applications on top of it, so you can use your money and pay whatever you want with it. However, currently the only issue with it is that the more popular it is, the more there is speculation on it and the exchange market is going crazy with no regulation by governements.

TagsBlockchainNew EraDate11-10-2019

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